Nathan Korth

Large projects
As part of my work-study job at the University of Michigan, I led the development of a clean, easy-to-use replacement for the Duderstadt Library's old website. (2015-2016)
EECS 494 games
(Fall 2016)
Alakajam 2 - "You can't see everything"
48 hour game jam with a team of 6 - we made a platformer game with portals called "Interdimensional Corgi Fishing". (Feb 2018)
Ludum Dare 36 - "Ancient Technology"
48 hour game jam with a team of 2 - we made a physics-based game called "Office Space". (Aug 2016)
Exit Trance player
A custom web player for a particular type of weeaboo music (Jan 2016)
Sprout Social (no longer maintained)
A social network "inspired" by Facebook, which was my first really substantial web project back in high school (Jan 2012)

Small projects

(May 2017)
Quick project to aggregate /r/talesfrom* subreddits (Jun 2016)
Notepad android app
(Aug 2014)
Mandelbrot tiles
Pan and zoom Mandelbrot fractal using Leaflet and Web Workers (Jul 2014)
MTG life counter android app
(Jun 2013)


(Jan 2015)
Hexagon map generator
(Jul 2014)
Pixel filter
(Sep 2013)
Billiards game
(Apr 2013)
Topato Jump
2D minecraft-style platformer thing (Mar 2013)
Early attempt at network multiplayer (Jun 2012)
Wave animation
(Nov 2011)
Unfinished rhythm game (Feb 2011)