Pilot-link is a way to communicate with Palm devices without using the official Palm Desktop. In classic unix style, it is structured as a collection of small programs. A portion of its code was used to build the graphical J-Pilot application, which aims to be a complete replacement for Palm Desktop.


On its own, pilot-link doesn’t really have a sync capability. This confused me at first, since it includes conduits and a backup program and seemingly every individual component needed for sync. But with its unix-y structure, I don’t think there’s a way to chain all these together so that you can hit the hotsync button and synchronize everything on a Palm device. Perhaps I’m missing something?

J-Pilot does of course do full synchronization – but it doesn’t use the pilot-link programs at all, only the included libpisock as far as I can tell.

Despite this complaint, pilot-xfer is still useful if all you want to do is install some games.