Rosary booklet

This is a Rosary booklet that uses one 8.5x11 sheet of paper. This size constraint forces it to be fairly minimal, but it does include all the prayers and the mysteries, a line of Scripture for each mystery, and even a few illustrations. I took some inspiration from this page when selecting the Scripture passages.

Download & print

The “imposed” version (which means the pages are arranged in booklet layout) should print correctly on any duplex printer. Cut the paper in half both ways so you get four 2-page spreads per booklet, then fold and staple in whichever order you prefer. The final product is 2.75”x4.25” and has 16 pages.

My printer isn’t fancy enough to do duplex printing, so I do it manually using this process:

  1. Print page 2 on as many copies as I want
  2. Rotate the printed sheets 180º, keeping them face-down, and place them in the manual feed tray
  3. Print page 1 with the same number of copies, and with “Paper feed” set to “Manual feed tray”

Your printer might work differently, so try it first with just one sheet and make sure the page numbers line up properly.

If you have questions or feedback, please check the homepage for my email address.

Illustration sources